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All children want to get the most out of their courses and life at school, but there may well be times when other concerns or problems interfere with that aim. Arrangements have been made to offer personalized counseling to children should they feel the need, as talking through issues at such times can often help identify and resolve matters before they become crises. To enable the students in making judicious selection suitable to their personal aptitudes in career opportunities, they are provided professional guidance by the Lucknow Institute of Career Guidance.

Science Periods

Unlike most schools, where students visit the laboratories only once or twice a week, here most Science Classes are conducted in' teaching laboratories.' In addition to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography laboratories, the School has a state-of-the-art Language Laboratory where each child can strengthen individual speaking skills.

Subject Choice

In contract to most other schools a choice of subjects is offered in class IX. Each child must select one subject from each of the six groups...

1. English, 2. Hindi, 3. Social Studies, 4. Science or Economics, 5. Mathematics or Commercial Studies, 6. Computer Science/ Environmental Science/ Music/ Art / Physical Education/Yoga.

Art, Craft, Music, Dance & Yoga

Up to Standard VII, Art, Craft, Music, Dance, and Yoga are academic periods in the time-table because we perceive them to be an essential component of the education process. Standard IX onwards, Art, Craft, & Music are not time-tabled but may be undertaken as Spare Time Activities (STA) during afternoons or as an examination subject.

Activity Based Learning

One of the important aspects of a truly good education, particularly at the primary & middle school level, is that learning must activity-oriented, with plenty of practical work and provision for concrete learning experiences, rather than mere bookish learning. Therefore, all academic facility interiors have been meticulously planned to allow plenty of individual activities and project and project work.

Remedial Instruction

Students weak in studies will be given remedial coaching (extra tuition), either during prep or activity periods.

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