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The traditional system of education is still enforce in the most of the schools. Where as the traditional examination oriented teaching system has been obsoluted keeping in view of the present scenario of the globalization, the traditional system has been replaced by a very different system of over all development, based on general specialized skills oriented learning education .

Students now need to be more active and smarter as an individual as well as in general. But rather than focusing on important information and content students are provided with readymade answers and solution to questions and problems. In this situation we require to pay more attention to find and develop all the hidden skills of children and processing the system of helping and motivating to make them perfect personalities.

The main aim of school education is to prepare the students physically, mentally and spiritually sound and fit which help the students to be bold and courageous to face the challenges. In school education we must be very particular to teach the students in a very happy and joyful environment in which we may discover the talent, ability and potential of children
In this process we must nurture and sustain the qualities of the children to make them enable to live the happiest life with all the require virtues such as social good physique, spiritual, emotional, cultural intellectual, devotional and professional as well as integrity to become a good citizen of the country.

In order to provide up to the mark education to the children, AGPN Convent & ER School Jhunjhunu is in the process of planning and designing a continuous and comprehensive complete curriculum at different class levels to operate and implement at all levels very effectively. The system is being implemented under a prescribed framework for developing attitudes, aptitude, skills to enable the students for leading, a peaceful life in the 21st Century. In order to face the challenges of the 21st Century, AGPN Convent & ER School Jhunjhunu has already invented the new systems for a holistic programme of curriculum focused on new systems of education which will develop the creative skills abilities, potential and talent of students. Thus, the new system will help the students to increase their knowledge and wisdom. The AGPN Convent & ER School Jhunjhunu team is regularly functioning to improve the standard of the students according to the new curriculum plan and for its proper implementation.


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